Performance Management Fellowship

Eurpartnership are proud to be founder members of the PMF

When the participants at a Summit on Strategy Execution and Corporate Performance Management voted unanimously for the establishment of an independent organisation to "promote and support practitioners and organisations looking to increase value creation" - Europartnership answered the call.

The Performance Management Fellowship's mission is "to increase awareness and understanding of the theory and practice of Corporate Performance Management".

They provide knowledge and audit and underwrite resources to individuals and organisations adopting or implementing CPM.  This includes training establishments, trainers, certification standards, and software solutions.

CPM promotes a structured approach to continuous performance improvement necessary to succeed and unlock the organisation's true potential in a competitive age.

PMF hosts summits, supports CPM user groups and provides a quality assurance role for interactive training throughout the world.

The PMF does not offer training directly but certify that registered trainers, organisations and courses meet strict standards. Practitioners who have achieved a pass level mark in the PMF set evaluation tests at the end of training – or can demonstrate competence through work-based examples – are eligible to become members of the PMF.

Initial registration will generally be facilitated by a qualified PMF trainer.

Europartnership is:

  • represented on the PMF Board of Management;
  • has met the audit requirements to deliver training and certification for individuals;
  • has met the audit requirements to undertake organisation assessments for organisation CPM certification