India's Performance Tigers

India's first national Performance Management Summit was held in Bangalore in February 2013.tiger

Speakers from a number of leading organisations demonstrated that the Balanced Scorecard has been successfully implemented with significant Return on Investment (RoI) - spanning industry sectors and geography.

A White Paper was published by Unicom Learning, the Summit organisers, and is available to download.

There was a call by participants to establish an body that can provide independent quality assurance of training and implementation standards in the field of Strategy Execution.  The Performance Management Fellowship has subsequently been incorporated and will license trainers and courses.

Click to link to the Performance Management Fellowship



Trust and transparency underpin everything that we do and everything that we stand for.  We know that for organisations to deliver to their full potential, a facts-based and open management style is a pre-requisite.  When we work with like-minded teams, the results have been quite remarkable.

Some time after writing the above I was able to visit Gandhi's house in Mumbai between delivering training courses. It's truly inspirational - and then I came across one of the Mahatma's quotes: "I believe in trusting. Trust begets trust."